an introduction The nomination will be open on 12/2/2019 until 14/3/2019.The members of the Board of Directors shall be elected to the new session at the next General Assembly meeting, the date of which will be announced later after obtaining the necessary approvals from the competent authorities. Those wishing to nominate those who meet the required conditions and qualifications in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Law, To submit applications for candidacy according to the instructions listed below:
Type of board session New Course
The start date of the course 1440-10-12, 2019-06-15
End of session 1443-11-15, 2022-06-14
Number of members 9
Date of opening the candidacy 1440-06-07, corresponding to 2019-02-12
The expiry date of the candidacy door 1440-07-07, corresponding to 2019-03-14
How to receive nomination applications Applications must be submitted to the Secretary of the Board of Directors by e-mail: handling during the official working hours of the company from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm at the following address: Industrial Industrial Unit number 1 Dammam 6964-32234 The attention of the Secretary of the Board of Directors Or (send) by registered mail to the following mailing address: Pour. 1053 Dammam 31431 The attention of the Secretary of the Board of Directors
Conditions of candidacy All candidacy applications must comply with the nomination criteria set forth in the work list of the Nominations Committee issued by the General Assembly and supported by the following documents:1. Curriculum vitae, supported by a copy of his qualifications and experience in the field of corporate business management, whether directly through an executive position, or indirectly through board membership, with the current work, as well as the candidate's means of communication, including mobile number, fixed telephone, fax and e-mail. 2- A photocopy of the national identity and family card for the Saudis or residence for the residents. As for the legal persons wishing to nominate representatives, a copy of the commercial register must be attached with a letter from the Chamber of Commerce stating that the company has no objection to its nomination. 3. Filling in the form (3) CV form of the candidate for membership of the board of directors of a joint stock company listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange / Tadawul which can be obtained from the following CMA: 4. A candidate who has previously served on the board of directors of a joint stock company (inside or outside the Kingdom) must submit a statement of the number and dates of the meetings of the boards of directors of the participating companies that he attended while serving on the board of directors. 5. The candidate must provide a statement of the companies or institutions that are members of its board of directors or have an existing partnership in its ownership, and clarify whether they are doing similar work to the basic chemical industries company or have contracts or joint interests with the company. 6. The candidate must submit a statement to the joint stock companies and other institutions that are expected to be members of their board of directors or participate in managing them during the board session. 7. If the candidate has already served on the Board of Directors of the Basic Chemical Industries Company, he must attach a statement from the company about the last session in which he took the membership of the Council including the following information: A- A statement of the number of meetings of the Board of Directors held during each year of the Board's session, and the number of meetings attended by Asala and the percentage of his attendance compared to the total meetings of the Council. B- A statement of the specialized committees that participated in its membership, the number of meetings held by each of these committees during each of the years of the session, the number of meetings attended and the percentage of attendance at the total meetings. (C) A summary of the financial results achieved by the Company during each of the years of the session of the Board for which he served. 8. In the case of the election of a candidate for membership of the Board of Directors, the candidate shall submit the required disclosures in accordance with the conflict of interest regulations for the members of the Board of Directors and senior executives. Terms and Conditions of Board Membership: 1. A member of the Board of Directors shall be of professional competence, who shall have the necessary experience, knowledge, skill and independence to enable him to carry out his duties efficiently and efficiently and shall take into account, in particular, the following: a. Leadership ability: To have leadership skills that empower him to lead performance and to apply best practices in effective management and adherence to professional values ​​and ethics. B. Competence: Qualifications, professional and personal skills, level of training, practical experience relevant to the Company's current and future activities, management, economics, accounting, law or governance. T. Capacity to be guided by technical, leadership, managerial and decision-making capabilities, and to understand the technical requirements of the course of work and be able to provide strategic direction, planning and clear future vision. W. Financial knowledge: To be able to read financial statements and reports. C. Health fitness: This should not have a health barrier hindering him from exercising his duties and responsibilities. H. He should not have been convicted of an offense against honor or trust. E. Shall not be subject to a prohibition to work in joint stock companies by the Capital Market Authority or other bodies regulating the operation of financial markets inside or outside the Kingdom. Dr. The Nomination and Remuneration Committee shall approve the fulfillment of the above conditions as a qualified candidate. Y. Should not be nominated for membership of the Board shall be a member of the boards of directors of five companies listed on the market. 2. Upon the election of the members of the Board of Directors, the recommendations of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee shall be taken into account and the availability of the personal and professional elements necessary for the effective performance of the functions of the Administration shall be taken into consideration in accordance with paragraph (1) of this Article.

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