Basic Chemical Industries Co. Announces an update on Commencement of work for Jubail project.

IntroductionBasic Chemical Industries Company announces the completion of the project to produce chlorine and its derivatives in Jubail Industrial City by 95%.

And announces the start of operations' tests for the control systems by providing it with a power generated inside the site, until the electrical power is supplied by the end of November 2021, according to the work schedule with the service provider.

Previous AnnouncementCommencement of work for Jubail project.
Date of Previous Announcement on Tadawul's Website2021-06-07 Corresponding to 1442-10-26
Percentage of fulfilled achievement95%
Event's Expected Completion DateFebruary 2022
Reasons for Exceeding the Announced End DatePower Supply/ connection
The costs associated with the event, and if they have changed or not with indication of the reasons.NA
Impact of the Delay on the Company's Financial ResultsNA
Additional InformationThe company is currently working on developing plans to reach the new factory to full production capacity during the first quarter of 2022, in conjunction with the development of a plan for Dammam factory ramp down.

The company is also studying the decision on the status of the current factory in Dammam, by studying its investment options in an optimal manner to ensure the best strategic return for the stakeholders.

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