Basic Chemical Industries Co. announces the distribution of dividend for period 2017

The Board of Directors of the Basic Chemical Industries Company (BCI), in its meeting held on 10/06/1439 H corresponding to 26/02/2018, recommended distributing cash dividends to the shareholders of the Company for the fiscal year 2017 as follows:

1 - Total amount distributed 27,500,000 riyals

2- The number of shares due for profit is 27,500,000 shares

3 - share per share 1 riyals

4. Distribution ratio of nominal value per share 10%

5. The right to dividends to the shareholders of the Company by the end of the trading day of the General Assembly, which will be announced later, and registered in the Company's register with the Securities Depository Center (deposit) at the end of the second trading day following the maturity date

6. The distribution date will be announced later.

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