Tough. Environmentally Safe.

Zyme-Flow® Decon Technology is specifically designed to maximize decontamination without causing harm to people, equipment or the environment. Wastewater friendly, the dynamic family of chemistry is non-toxic, biodegradable, and free of volatile organic compounds. With a near neutral pH, Zyme-Flow is compatible with all metallurgies and has a MSDS rating of [0-0-0] for health, flammability and reactivity. As safe as it is, Zyme-Flow Decon Technology eliminates pyrophorics, hydrogen sulfide, LEL's, and benzene for fast and safe vessel entry.


>Wastewater friendly >Biodegradable >Near neutral pH >Non-toxic >MSDS of [0-0-0]


Tough. Wastewater Friendly.

Zyme-Flow® Decon Technology is dedicated to using the most effective chemistry with minimal impact on wastewater and the environment. This is possible because the hydrocarbons de-emulsify on their own with minimal residence time. When using Zyme-Flow Decon Technology, there is no need for emulsion breakers or chlorides to allow separation and the chemical constituents are not a concern for reprocessing recovered hydrocarbons. Zyme-Flow is compatible with all metallurgies and has a MSDS of [0-0-0] for health, flammability and reactivity.


The Zyme-Flow® Process Faster, more effective decontamination. Zyme-Flow® Decon Technology's patented process reduces decontamination time to 12 hours or less - guaranteed. In a single step application, it oxidizes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and pyrophorics, eliminates LEL's and benzene, and removes residual oil and gas. Excessive steam out times are no longer necessary and emulsions separate quickly without the need for an additional breaker. The Zyme-Flow process works by effectively penetrating all sludge, scale, and metals to target harmful contaminants. Saving time and expense, it frees contaminants to the relief system while minimizing wastewater streams, eliminating the need for temporary storage tanks. This versatile chemistry can be applied in aqueous circulation or the patented Zyme-Flow Vapour-Phase® Process, using minimum injection points. The entire process has a simple set up and small equipment footprint, greatly reducing temporary piping and blinding. 


Zyme-Flow® Decon Technology is safe for personnel, plant equipment and the environment. Non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable, it contains no volatile compounds and has no flammability concerns. Unlike other products, Zyme-Flow does not form toxic by-products during the decontamination process and is non-exothermic. Highly effective and fast-acting, Zyme-Flow dramatically reduces the time required to prepare equipment for entry while minimizing safety and procedural concerns associated with cleaning, degassing and environmental compliance.