Message From Top Managment

Abdulla Al Moaibed


Welcome to Basic Chemical Industries (BCI) group of companies. BCI began operations in 1973 focusing on basic chemicals with reliability and consistency.  Our aim is to improve service to our clients including Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Marafiq, National Water Company, Petrorabigh and many others who are listed under our client tab. Over the years, our manufacturing and logistic facility, product offering, and dedicated team has grown in response to our customer needs and our desire to be the leader in the basic chemical industry within the region.The group has taken major leaps forward in going beyond basic chemicals by embarking on major Joint Ventures with world class firms such as Huntsman and Henkel Corps. In both JV’s our group managed to capture the major market share in their respective fields. The details of these products are listed to your convenience within the website. The group is also involved in the development of a new range of products in many areas including but not limited to water treatment, agriculture and drilling chemicals. Additionally, the commercial arm of BCI has increased the ranges of its traded products with major chemical players such as BASF, JACOBI, Eastman Chemicals, Kurita & Dow Chemicals. As always, the BCI team has been hard at work developing new products, as well as making continual innovations to our existing products.Even though our company has grown, this does not mean our mission or core values have wavered. Both are at the forefront of our daily operations – not only is it the way we do business with our customers, it is also the “way we do business” internally.  When you visit our facility, you will see our mission and core values posted all over.  This serves as a reminder to everyone at BCI as to why we are here and why we pride ourselves on creating quality products for our customers. With two new products having been rolled out already this year, and several more to come, BCI is now in the best position to provide our customers with a complete range of chemicals from acid, adhesives, rigid foams, construction and agriculture to field supports.  Our new water treatment plant, Ferric Chloride, bridges the gap between the Kingdom’s needs to conserve water and less dependency on energy intensive chemicals whereby we utilize our basic chemicals to produce value added end products. The group utilization of major technology developers of certain products such Nomexem B.V for Ferric Chloride and Kurita polymers is just the latest efforts of our growth and portfolio expansion. Our team is focused on developing innovative solutions, while strategically positioning BCI in the marketplace to continue to be the regional leader in basic chemicals, water treatment and chloride free fertilizers for agriculture use.  We look forward to the opportunity to pursue new ways to meet, and exceed, our customers’ needs in the growing and ever-changing chemical industry.


Abdulla Al Moaibed – Chairman