The Internal Cleaner for Heavy Hydrocarbons

Rezyd-X® is an organic solvent that dissolves heavy hydrocarbon sludge, lube oils, residuals, and asphalt. It is most commonly used in vessels, heat exchangers, process lines and tanks.

Rezyd-X is a non-petroleum product that dramatically lowers toxicity and flammability when compared to petroleum, citrus, or terpene-based products. Wash solutions can be sent to crude storage or API separators for easy breakout and recovery.


>Pre-flush of packed beds

>Pre-flush of tower bottoms especially in FCC’s, cokers and vac towers

>Boil-outs of horizontal vessels with heavy sludge

>Steam “dispersion” applications for fouled process lines

>Circulation of heavily fouled vessels

Customer Results

“We plan to use Rezyd-X for train-4 C-403A, C-403D, C-402B. When reviewing our production release plan, we can say that thanks to Rezyd-X the period to prepare vessels was reduced by 32 hours. But the most important thing is that the new chemical is safe and simplifies cleaning of the vessels.”

– Plant Superintendent