Fast, safe, effective decontamination.

Zyme-Flow® UN657 is the core product in our chemical portfolio and has become the leader in process unit decontamination. In a single step application, Zyme-Flow UN657 removes residual oil, gas, benzene, LEL's, H2S, and pyrophoric iron sulfide.

Benzene: Zyme-Flow UN657 penetrates sludge, scale and metals to free hydrocarbons, allowing benzene to be flashed to the flare, knockout, atmosphere, or other relief system H2S: Zyme-Flow UN657 quickly eliminates H2S using a mild oxidizer that is non exothermic Pyrophoric Iron Sulfide: Zyme-Flow UN657 oxidizes sulfide components permanently removing their pyrophoric nature As part of the patented Zyme-Flow® Process, Zyme-Flow UN657 allows fast and safe entry, reducing decontamination time to 12 hours or less, guaranteed.

Zyme-Flow UN657 is safe, biodegradable, compatible with all metallurgy, and is wastewater friendly. There are no VOC's, no hazardous materials, and is rated [0-0-0] for health, flammability, and reactivity.

Customer Results

"Our experience with the application of the Zyme-Flow and Rezyd-X on our Main Fract. tower was nothing short of excellent (and I don't say this lightly). With the significant amount of work inside the frac, including a very large amount of hot work, I can tell you that there were NO issues with the work atmosphere inside the tower; I am very confident and convinced that this is attributable to the Zyme & Rezyd-X application just after unit S/D." -

Superintendent Operations