Decon Solutions for Light Ends to Heavy Oil

Refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide depend on the dynamic range of Zyme-Flow® Decon Technology for complete decontamination solutions from single units to full refinery shutdowns.

Zyme-Flow UN657 has been used in refinery and petrochemical plants worldwide for over 20 years and is recognized as the industry best practice for decontamination. As the needs of our clients change and expand, our R&D department continues to develop new chemistry to meet these needs, creating an extensive product portfolio.

Products to remove hydrogen sulfide, benzene, and pyrophorics:

Zyme-Flow® UN657

An aqueous based surfactant and enzyme combination that emulsifies and demulsifies hydrocarbons without the use of external emulsion breakers. Oxidizes both H2S and pyrophoric iron with versatile application methods.


An internal cleaner that dissolves heavy hydrocarbon and polymeric deposits in vessels, heat exchangers, process lines and tanks.


>Crude Units                                    >Sour Water Strippers

>Vacuum Units                                >Merox Units

>Sat Gas Units                                 >Flare Drums

>Coker Units                                    >Hydrofiner Units

>FCC Units                                       >Amine Treater Units

>Desalters                                        >Oily Water Separators

>Vis-Breakers                                 >HDS Units

>Flare Systems                               >Pipelines

>Hydrocracker Units                    >Odor Control

>Caustic Treaters                          >Hydrocarbon Storage Tanks

>Gas Compressor Systems         >Oilfield Production Systems